Growing up in the prosperous southern areas of the Realm allowed Hesleof to

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Minotaurs are mighty warriors. Fierce, strong, and fearless in combat…

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Calibran is immense. Starting at the capitol of Cathedra

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As a master craftsman, I would often spend my days in a small settlement

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The History of Calibran

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Calibran is a vast world, teeming with diverse races and creatures. For thousand of years its lands have been the dominion of the Dragonkind — keepers of wisdom, strength and magic. After many centuries of undisputed rule, the appearance of the first mortal races created a schism at the very core of dragon society. First the Elves, then the Dwarves, then the others: Humans, Minotaurs, Orcs, and other sub-races. Their mere existence felt like a threat to some dragons. “The mortals are dangerous”, said some. “They grow like weeds and spread like fungi. Everything they touch is changed or destroyed”. Others felt differently: “They are an industrious lot and, despite their considerable limitations, they’ve grown and prospered. As stewards of Calibran, should we not take them under our care and nurture them — within set boundaries, of course?”. An agreement was impossible to reach, leading to a centuries-long war known as the Age of Bloodshed. The war ended with the Battle of Farsalon, the biggest battle in Calibran’s history.

Despite their physical and intellectual superiority, the dragons that despised the mortal races were overwhelmed by the sheer number and technological advancements of the mortal armies which fought them. Greatly reduced in number, most of the defeated flew to a corner of Calibran called The Horns, to heal their wounds and plot revenge. The subsequent decades were known as the Age of Unity, a 250-year period during which the Dragon Throne was established. Being King of the Dragon Throne meant being able to rule the realm. The title, after being awarded first to Lord Aramnor, the hero of the Battle of Farsalon, was passed on to other worthy candidates, regardless of race, provided that the candidate bore a special birthmark and completed a dragon-slaying quest.

“Without the Dragons we would not be united. They have given us this throne.”

October 30, 2016
The Great Western Ocean, as far as the people of Calibran are concerned, stretches from the westernmost of the Brigand Islands and on into empty…

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October 27, 2016
In fantasy, weapons of magic and might are almost as well known as the characters that wield them. What would Bilbo be without Sting, or…

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May 19, 2016
Dwarves are mountain creatures. Some myths say they were made from the bones of the earth themselves. They almost always live in the deeps beneath…

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