Calibran | Dragon Throne War_map_1500Calibran is immense. Starting at the capitol of Cathedra Gate, it stretches for several thousand miles to the north, east, and south. It contains many people of different races and cultures, each with different goals and traditions. Everything from the driest desert in the south, to the bitter cold of the north, is part of the kingdom.

The kingdom’s western border is the Great Western Ocean, a body of water that extends beyond the horizon. To the east, the kingdom stretches to the Island of Yls, sanctuary of the half-breeds. North of Yls are the nameless mountains that border the strange lands of Chaos. To the south, Calibran ends at the Narrows, the strip of water that connects the Western Ocean with the inland sea in which the Island of Yls lies. Beyond the Narrows are The Horns, and the dragons’ home.

Chronicles of Calibran is a brand new fantasy saga set during the Age of Unity, one of the four ages since all things were created. While the world of Calibran is rich in history, heroes and legends, the first Season of Chronicles of Calibran focuses on the journey of three different groups of characters, bound to ultimately meet each other, make unlikely dragon allies and team up against a peril that threatens to swallow the whole Realm into a black abyss of madness and chaos.  

Humans, minotaurs, amazons, elves, dwarves and more – over ten races competing for power, a giant, mysterious continent to explore, and incredible adventures ahead: want to know more? Read our FREE stories from HERE, learn about The Blue Dragon’s War HERE, or have a taster of Season 1 with The Blooding, our FREE prologue episode.

You can read more about Calibran on our wiki.


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