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epic fantasy The Blooding dark elfThe Blooding, a fierce and brutal  ritual undertaken by all dark elves is a new epic fantasy story from the Chronicles of Calibran serie.

Nethala, a young and tenacious dark elf is on her first steps into an incredible journey. Dark elves live in the forested night city of Talashtar, where the cruel and isolated society of the dark elves breeds only the strong.

In this epic fantasy story, A trial that has stood in place for centuries is only for the fiercest of warriors where a simple wrong turn, a judgment of error or a moment of arrogance could be the matter between a glorious life or a terrible death.

When new adversaries appear, and the game is changed, a centuries old tradition uncovers a deeper plot, one that could set Nethala on a very different path than that of her forebears.

With sword and stealth as her only allies, Nethala heads out into the unknown in search of her prey.

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