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Alberto, a fantasy enthusiast since childhood, is the driving force behind Chronicles of Calibran. He’s read every Dragonlance novella and Tolkien book multiple times, and is a huge Larry Elmore fan. Together with his friends, he still enjoys long sessions of Dungeons & Dragons. So yes, you could say that Alberto loves classic fantasy.

Alberto Bieri

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Anthony |Calibran Team

Anthony Russo, Writer

A heavy diet of internet culture centered around science, technology, science-fiction, fantasy, politics and world news keeps Anthony’s mind flooded with ideas and scenarios to fuel his writing. A long-time fan of Arthur C. Clarke, Orson Scott Card, Kim Stanley Robinson, Greg Bear and Tad Williams, Anthony recently published The Dragon of Unrest, which is available on Amazon and other online retailers. For Chronicles of Calibran, Anthony’s official role is “worldbuilder”.

Sean |Calibran Tea

Sean Newton, Writer

Writing is an addiction for which there is no 12-step program, and Sean Newton has been addicted to writing since childhood. Fortunately, he’s managed to turn his mental health issues into a paying job as a full-time copywriter. Before finding his happy place, he worked the typical assortment of weird jobs that all nascent writers seem to find their way into, from factory worker to tall ship sailor. He currently lives in the midwestern U.S. with his wife and a menagerie of animals.

Joe|Calibran Tea
Joe Appleton, Writer

Born in the UK, Joe Appleton now lives in Vietnam and works as a full-time writer. As a motorsports journalist by trade, covering the exciting world of MotoGP, Joe spends his downtime dabbling in the magical realm of fantasy fiction. His main inspirations include Neil Gaiman, Mervyn Peake, Jules Verne, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien. Joe is also a regular gamer, and has been waiting a long time for a chance to bring his own fantasy world to life. He’s ready to seize the opportunity with both hands.

Oana|Calibran Tea
Oana DascaluIllustrator

Oana has been drawing since childhood – first on the walls of her parents apartment, and then later on more traditional mediums once she discovered paper, pencils and chalk. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree and working as a graphic designer for a few years, she decided that digital painting was a worthwhile challenge. Since then, she has consistently developed her illustration skills – particularly in the fantasy art realm, which she loves unabashedly. Oana lives in Romania and paints pictures all day. She’s also a huge animal lover with a weakness for cats.

Tommaso|Calibran Team

Tommaso De BenettiCoordinator

Tommaso makes sure work is being done and things happen at the right time. A fantasy and science fiction geek since he was 9, he spends his days between videogame development, writing tabletop games, and annoying people about deadlines.

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